2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Exterior and Interior Color Choices

What color will my new Accord Hybrid be?  That’s been a question on my mind since I first started learning about this new car.  The first few pictures that were released showed a black model.  Next I saw a dark blue and silver.  Well, I’ve finally learned what’s going to be available:


It looks like all the colors you can get in a the regular sedan will be options for the hybrid!  That’s good news.  As I mentioned I was afraid it would be limited.  The image above was scanned from the 2014 Accord brochure that a Honda dealer handed me yesterday.  The hybrid is covered in that brochure in a limited way.  Interesting that the print brochure has the info but there’s nothing to date on the Honda website yet.

I called my local Honda dealers and found what they’re getting.  Sam Swope is the Touring edition in White with Ivory interior.  Neil Huffman Honda is getting a Touring model in red with Ivory.  Bob Montgomery Honda doesn’t expect to get one on release day.

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