In Search of the Obsidian Blue Pearl Accord Hybrid EX-L

For some reason, somewhere along the way I became mesmerized by Honda’s Obsidian Blue Pearl colored Accords.  Most Accords with that blue come with a gray interior.  The Hybrid and the Sport have black interiors.  The blue exterior and black interior make for a fantastic color combination in my opinion.

2014-Honda-Accord-Hybrid-Touring-profile-drivers-sideIf I wasnt so obsessed with the color combination I’d probably be posting about my buying experience, my first few days, weeks and months of ownership, etc.  Instead I haven’t posted much because I’ve been looking for my car instead.  About a week ago I threw in the towel and placed an order with a local Honda dealer.  My car will come from the factory.  It hasn’t been built yet.  Don’t know when I’ll get it, but it could take up to 3 months.  I’ve waited this long.  I can wait a little ‘longer.

But, in the last couple of days I’ve found a few more.  They’re all far away.  Some in driving distance.  Some might require being put on a transport truck.  I’ll know soon enough.  If I can work it out maybe I’ll be posting pictures of my new baby here and singing the praises of one great Honda dealer.

Stay tuned…

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