Like a comfortable pair of jeans

Like a comfortable pair of jeans.  That’s why I think the Accord Hybrid will be a winner for me and others too.

Just got done with an full day test drive of a Chevy Volt thanks to Bill Dabny at Bob Hook Chevrolet.  When I got back in my 2001 Accord EX it was like putting on a comfortable old pair of jeans.  The Volt is a much smaller vehicle than recent Accords.  It became apparent when I picked up the Volt last night and tried to put the various computer parts and tools I carry with me daily for my work.  They wouldn’t fit.  The interior is smaller and has limited visibility.  The Accord has nice big hunks of glass surrounding you.  You can see so much easier.

2001 Honda Accord Sedan

Another thing I’ve always appreciated about my 2001 Accord is the clean, thoughtful layout of the driver interface and controls.  Much better than competing cars of that decade.  The Volt comes up short in this department.  Granted, it has more features.  But it’s one of it’s shortcomings.  As our vehicles become more complex and add more features I hope the designers can spend some more time on the user interface.

I loved the torque of the Volt’s electric drivetrain.  The good news if you’re thinking about an Accord Hybrid is that, according to Motor Trend, the vehicle operates in pure electric mode about 33% of the time.  And you can dry your hair in the morning while the car’s in the garage and not worry about tripping a breaker.  That’s what happened to me this morning.

So, if the new Accord Hybrid can deliver on the comfort I’ve become accustomed to, matched with awesome fuel economy and topped off with the joy of electric driving then it’s got a bright future.


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